Restaurante Xiri


Our history

Our beginnings

The Xiri’s restaurant was previously known as the “Xiringuito”, a very popular meeting point for the youth in Monovar. A bar known for it’s special drinks. Our father, previously a plumber, with the help of our mother, owner of a small jewellery shop, began the project in 1985. Being only 26 at the time but incredibly committed to the challenge, they decided to open the life-long enterprise the Xiri has become

Over the first few years, our father travelled to Italy where he learnt to make fresh pizza and pasta. Once he returned, he built a wood-burning stove which is still functioning today. It has become the heart of the restaurant.

As time went through, he travelled more and to new different places (France, Segovia, Bulli en Rose) places where he absorbed new ideas, emotions and experiences which he wanted to apply throughout life as a whole. That is why our kitchen is often described as an ever-changing trip, full of commitment, dedication and respect.

This is the most important legacy we have inherited.


A new generation

Josep Palomares (son) joins the restaurant in the yar 2009 and two years later, so does his younger sister Carme two years later.

Josep Palomares (son) has always proudly stated that the foundations of his kitchen has been his father’s. Influenced by him, he has grown as a chef until reaching his full potential. Perhaps this is going a bit too far, the best version doesn’t exist. Encouraged by our parents ideals, evolution aspirations and change are everyday tasks for us. There is always room for improvement without losing the motivation.

Josep and Carme have always been part of a team. Being siblings and being a similar age has always made them close. They have both grown and shared together. Now, Josep and Carme, with all the responsibility that it takes, are now in charge.

Josep Palomares (son) has a long career through several stages he has done with a wide variety of great chefs such as Iván Cerdeño, Nazario Cano, Alan Roux or Alfonso Egea, among others. His culinary trip has allowed him to find his own way to interpret the kitchen as a whole. We would like to thank everyone who has enabled us to do this, the ones who came and stayed and those who are yet to come.

We would like to thank everyone who has made this possible, both the ones who came and stayed and those who have just arrived.

We will be forever grateful. 


Best LAYERED OLIVIER SALAD gastroalicante


Bread with Cheese

1st national award


Croquetta of prawn and garlic

Best Tapa in the Valencian Community


Texturized boar

(Winner best tapa in the Alicante’s region and second in the Valencian Community

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